A Bad Materialist's Christmas List

Kids make great materialists. Remember when you knew exactly what you wanted for Christmas, and you had a bunch of adults waiting to fight through inclement weather and incite shopping mall riots just to obtain it for you?

Perhaps you weren’t as spoiled rotten as me, but I’m sure most working folk can commiserate that it’s often hard enough to find time to think of presents for your loved ones, let alone yourself. To remedy this situation, I’m publishing some of the items that I’m sending out to my family, along with some of the stuff that I’m considering getting for them. And if you have a bad materialist in your life who’s been working rather than writing their wishlist, perhaps you can find something here for them as well.

Warning: this is basically a Christmas list.



Soulection, a label based out of Los Angeles, is one of my favorite listens right now. They provide a mashup of hip hop, R&B, jazz, and other stylings to create a very organic, soulful mix of artists and sounds. Great stuff for a rainy day or relaxed evening. Conscious music for conscious minds. These two records are missing from my current catalogue:

Vinyl Stuffs

I’m one of those vinyl guys, mostly because I like the big album art and the interactivity of flipping a record. Funny how something that was a pain-in-the-neck before digital music has now become a selling point…

In any case, I’m missing some essentials to keep my records sounding sharp and for adjusting my player. A couple welcome additions to the crowd:

My Significant Other

If you’re @sarahbranon, issue a pull request to add/remove items :)

Bike Stuff

It’s a dark, rainy time of year, so some extra bike gear is always a great way of saying “I love you” by lighting your loved-one’s bike up like the UFO in Close Encounters.

  • Cool lights for bike wheels
  • Bike Pannier

Kitchen-y Things

Ah the kitchen: domestic so it’s warm and personal, but public so you can borrow these items for your own use as well. Score!

  • Reusable coffee cup
  • Fancy cocktail things (like essence of orange, bitters…you know, the things that come in little bottles)
  • Copper mug
  • Tea ball
  • Fancy cooking food (other than olive oil/vinegar, Sarah’s mom has that locked DOWN)


Fitted clothes probably aren’t a great bet; if you go that route, a receipt’s always a good idea. - Scarves - Running beanie (not a cute fluffy beanie, a serious beanie) - Duffel bag (because she keeps stealing mine)