Greetings friend! My name is Alec Reynolds, an entrepreneurial developer who currently makes his dough as a co-founder at Kalamuna. I’m interested in finding ways that people can live better as individuals, together in society.

Towards that end, I’ve invested my professional life thus far working with people in technology and sustainability. These include higher-education institutions like UC Berkeley, non-profits like the Center for Urban Education about Sustainable Agriculture, and mission-driven businesses like Greenbiz.

To maximize my ability to contribute to these organizations, I founded Kalamuna with three of my trusted colleagues. Together we shared a dream of using the lessons we learn daily making websites for our clients to create products. Products are tools that allow us, a small group of talented people, to do exponentially more Good for our community than we could as individuals limited to our finite waking hours and pools of energy.

When I’m not at the desk, I’m usually training for a marathon, learning more about Tiki history via a Mai Tai, and talking to folks at local community events.

Say Hi!

If you’re interested in hearing more about something I talk about on this site or just want to know what’s what in the East Bay, reach out and we’ll chat soon!


As an open source developer, I’m loathe to re-invent the wheel, paticularly where the basic personal blog is concerned. The basis for this website was liberally borrowed from the codebase of David Ensinger, a Front End Developer from Columbus, OH. My logo is an adaptation of the Windmill designed by Juan Pablo Bravo from the Noun Project. Big thanks to those creators and an open invitation to those who find this Jekyll-powered site a useful beginning for their own project.